The piece began with the upper body carving, as the size and shape of the tusk predicated the design. I used tungsten carbide bits and a Dremel tool, as a slower speed tool is not effective in carving bone or tusk. The finish details were carved with dental chisels and an Exacto knife. The lower body was carved from tuff to conform to the size and gesture of the upper body with diamond burs in water with a Dremel. It was then polished with increasing fine grades of diamond powder and oil with a wooden bit and a Foredom rotary tool. The waxes are carved to fit these pieces, and then centrifugally cast.

The piece was assembled with epoxy in conjunction with drilled holes and metal rods inserted in the stone to help hold it together. The belt slips over the upper body and does not go past the waist.

The stand/sea fan was fabricated from varying sizes of sterling silver wire with cast settings.

The base is routed and sandblasted plexiglass with the aventurine set in, with beads epoxied at the edge. The stand/sea fan is epoxied into a drilled hole, and the coral and rock are also epoxied.

All elements of this piece with the exception of the river rock and coral were either carved, fabricated or modified by the artist.

Upper body: hand carved boar tusk with oil painted eyes and lips
Lower body: hand carved air-fall tuff (volcanic rock)
Hair: 16k yellow gold
Belt: 16k yellow gold with rubies and citrines (approximately .2 carats of marquis rubies, .1 carats of round rubies, and .24 carats of citrines)
Lower tail: 16k yellow gold with approximately .33 carats of round citrines
Bail: 16k yellow gold with approximately .03 carats of round citrines
Stand/sea fan:
Sterling silver with sapphires
Base: Plexiglass, aventurine with glass beads, coral and river rock

6.75”H x 6”W x 4.5”D