I’m Deborah Kirkpatrick, maker of fine art jewelry and sculptures. All of the pieces that you see on this website are made entirely by me. The carving, stonework and metalwork on all of these pieces are all my work.  Most of the cabochons are mine, but none of the small faceted stones. I carve and cast all my own waxes.

My sculpture is figurative in nature, using a variety of mediums. I carve gemstones, stone, vegetable ivory, bone and wood and incorporate these carvings with metal, stone and plexiglass. I don’t like to be limited to any particular discipline, and will use anything that is of sufficient integrity to stand this test of time. Over the last fifteen years my interest has shifted from two to three dimensional work using materials that will endure. Most of the sculptures are also jewelry; I like the idea of wearable, movable art.

A friend of mine once commented that my work is my meditation, and I have to admit that she was probably right. Some parts of creating these works are almost Zen-like in the sense of tranquility that they provide me, but some are such a frustrating struggle that I wonder why they were ever begun. I am totally focused in on the work as I am doing it.

I have an imperative to make things. There has never been a time in my life when I was not busy creating something. I strive to always improve and master new techniques, and to understand the hidden structure of natural objects and to incorporate the sense of that in my work. I have yet to make a piece that is completely satisfactory.

My hope is my work can open the mind to the possible, and to the mystery and beauty that there is in the world. I believe that there is an underlying order and design in nature and the universe, and that it is important to honor that. My ultimate aim is to expose the hidden beauty in a cow bone, a stone, a tagua nut, a boars tooth. I am driven to reveal this beauty in the most mundane of materials. I strive to make things that even the uninstructed will recognize as something of quality.