Have you ever seen something so beautiful and phenomenal that you yearn to possess it?  Something that made such an impression on you that it fired your imagination and transformed the way you looked at the world? That was my reaction when I first saw Renee Lalique’s jewelry in a Smithsonian magazine article.  I wanted so badly to be able to own such an exquisite, miniature work of art, but knew that it wasn’t an achievable goal. Since most of his works were in museums or unaffordable, I thought; “Why not make something yourself?”

I believe that work like this resonates with all of us, that we have an innate desire or drive to surround ourselves with objects of art; that the art itself reveals your sensibilities and your individuality to others. Art is your way to distinguish yourselves from others. My passion is to make things that resonate with you and the world today like Lalique did with his generation.

I make fine art jewelry and sculpture, in the tradition of Lalique, Vever and Faberge, which incorporate carved gemstones.